Food n Drink UK is a listing directory similar to Restaurant Guru, Google listings or Tripadvisor listings but focused on the promotion of smaller independent local food and drink venues and we do this by creating or allowing venue owners to create a free website.

Yes, just go to Add New Site from the Top Menu, input your venue details, click submit and we do the rest. And its completely free.

No charges at all, no need to even register an account or add any payment details. You submit your venue details then we create the site, host the site and also create your unique subdomain all for free.

Very Easy, all you do is enter details about your venue, name, address features etc, thats it and then we do the rest.

Yes. There is a link on your site where you can update the information. We verify, where possible the information is correct then publish the update.

To make the whole proces as simple as possible and to avoid incorrest or false information being supplied we need any venues to have an up to date Facebook page. We can then double check any information supplied for a site against the Facebook page to verify its correct.

No. This is why the sites are free, if we customised everyones site then that would need a paid service.

You can use any image as long as you own the image, its relevant to your venue and it meets our Terms & Conditions.

No, if you dont supply an image when you first create the site then we will simply add a generic food and drink image as the main site image.

No, this is the only way the sites and the hosting can be funded.

Almost all our sites appear in the top section of the first page on Google.

The design and main focus of the directory is for Pubs that also serve food. This is just because the sites created are tailored to the these venues.